‘I have reviewed the Springwood Nursery menus, and in my view the considerable variety
of essential foods, the nutrition and colour, are all first class’

Catherine Barker RSHom PCH Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine

Research tells us that our eating habits are formed at a very young age, so the choices, tastes and nutritional quality of the food offered to infants and young children has a far-reaching effect on their nourishment, food preferences and health later in life.

We are passionate about, and take great care to prepare high quality food that is appetising and meets the nutritional requirements of growing children.  We provide a non-meat diet, which includes MSC fish, eggs, pulses, whole grains, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and an abundant use of fresh herbs and spices.

Almost all of our ingredients are certified organic and sourced from a local organic farm and supplier.  All our meals are prepared from fresh, raw ingredients with a focus on seasonal produce.

When planning menus we use professional bodies for support and guidance to ensure we are meeting the nutritional requirements of growing children.

We are working towards the Gold Standard of the Soil Association Food for Life Catering Mark.

As well as good nutrition it is important that young children stay hydrated.  We have a plumbed in water filter system that provides purified alkaline water.  All children have their own drinking bottle which is accessible at all times and all are encouraged to drink at regular intervals throughout the day.

We cater for children with differing dietary requirements whether they are due to health, cultural, religious beliefs or parental and carers’ choice.  We liaise closely with parent and carers to put the correct plans in place to ensure the child’s nutritional requirements are met.

Mealtimes are very much a social occasion to be enjoyed.  Meals are taken in a relaxed and comfortable family style environment, with the carers sitting and sharing the same meal with their key group of children – sharing tales of the day, discussions about the food they are eating and healthy choices.  We believe this assists children to develop a lifelong enjoyment of food, and plays a key role in encouraging children to make healthy food choices as they grow up.

The menus are displayed on our menu board in the entrance hall and in the Parents place on this website.