Early Education Funding

Early Education Funding
Springwood Nursery offers both 15 hours Universal and 30 hours extended funding for eligible 3 to 5 year olds.
The government funds up to 570 hours per year for all 3 to 5 year olds.  Some parents may also be eligible for the additional 570 hours per year if they meet the governments criteria. Currently the relevant hours are apportioned across the 50 weeks that Springwood opens.

For you to be eligible to claim the 30 hours at Springwood your child must attend for at least two days per week.  However, if your child attends another nursery as well as Springwood you may be able to claim the 30 hours across the two nurseries.

The government funding does not cover the cost of items such as meals, activities, consumables etc. which are all payable in addition to the funded hours.  More details for existing parents may be found in the Parents Place.

Childcare vouchers
Springwood accepts most childcare vouchers towards the payment of the monthly fees.
The Childcare Voucher Scheme is a UK government initiative aimed at helping working parents to benefit from tax efficiencies in order to save money on childcare.  The scheme allows you to pay for childcare from your PRE-TAX salary. The scheme closed for new applicants on 4 Oct 2018, but if you were signed up before then, you can still use them.  If you’re with the same employer, and it still offers them, you can continue to get childcare vouchers

Tax Free Childcare
Springwood accepts Tax Free Childcare toward the monthly fees.
Tax-free childcare gives eligible families up to £2,000 free per child towards childcare costs. It was designed to replace the childcare vouchers scheme and launched in April 2017.  Further information regarding eligibility can be found here.